Universities in The Future

In this article Hannah Richardson talks about the universities in the future and what will become of them. I agree with her on everything she has said. College is becoming too expensive and researchers said that the cost of them is going to keep increasing. A lot of students can handle their school life online or a different way than going to college. It is way cheaper and it is a comfortable way, you do not even have to leave home.¬†Technology has given students the opportunity to save money by not going to college. I am not really upset by the predictions because sometimes I find myself thinking that college is a waste of money because people could be taking the classes online. I do not believe that what we get taught equals what we pay. Yes, we get food and can use the gym whenever we want, but what if you are not one of those types of people; you are wasting your money. I think that it will be way better to earn a degree with technology then spending money on college. Students can work and take their classes on their free time. It would be better for students and their parent’s pockets.